• Clinical Decision Support

    ExpertDoc develops clinical decision support. We provide the right information at the right time and as specific as possible. With our extensive knowledge and years of experience in healthcare we help our clients build their own clinical decision support system. Our medical advisors are happy to assist you throughout the process.


  • System integration

    ExpertDoc can assist with both the development and the implementation of clinical decision support. We can link and integrate our clinical support system with existing systems as well as develop a new platform or an app to distribute the clinical support tools. Thanks to our years of experience, knowledge of the healthcare landscape and therein functioning systems and our extensive network, we can help you throughout the entire development and implementation process.


  • Innovation

    ExpertDoc is always looking for ways to improve her clinical decision support products. For example by incorporating machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Several initiatives in this area have already started.


    • Why choose us?

      Why choose us?

      Have you ever met anyone who reads more than 10 scientific articles per day about his or her field? We neither. And doctors would have to read a lot more to keep up with the huge influx of medical kno...

    • What we do

      What we do

      Providing the right information at the right time. That is what we do. We combine patient data with medical knowledge to generate context specific information for the healthcare professional. By provi...

    • Who we are

      Who we are

      Young, innovative and the most enthusiastic people you can find! About decision support that is. Every day we work on what we think is the frontier of health care. How can we make health care better? ...

Building the future

We work on big data applications, artificial intelligence and precision medicine.


A selection of our products

ExpertDoc Rules Engine

For the development of medical decision support ExpertDoc has developed its own rules engine and editor. This technology, in contrast to many other decision support systems, is specifically made for use in health care. Since the software is ...


NHGDoc is a clinical decision support system for general practitioners (GP’s), nurse practitioners and GP’s assistants available in the GP Information System. The system compares information from the EHR with the recommendations in ...

HCV Therapy Selector

The HCV Therapy Selector is an app, available in the app store, that provides evidence based decision support for the treatment of hepatitis C. The app provides the likelihood of clearing the hepatitis C infection (% SVR) for all FDA-EMA ...


The DocTop is a web app available in the app store, that sends the user a monthly selection of the top 10 most clinically relevant publications on chronic hepatitis B and C. This keeps the hepatitis specialist informed on the latest developments ...

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